Best New Find: Bark Bath in Newport Beach

With the exterminator coming to take care of an ant infestation in our kitchen last weekend, we decided to take another Staycation to the perennial favorite, the Hyatt at the Huntington Dog Beach.  It was nothing short of magical when we arrived to the dog beach on Friday night just before sunset. As always, it was well worth the battle on the 405 South.

This time around we were armed with 3 of Lucas’s speciLucas and his Buggie Fishal squeaky Buggie fish. Last trip, we were in a hurry and made the poor choice of not stopping to at the pet store. Lucas was not a happy camper and I regretted my haste.

We all watched movies in the king size bed then, the next morning after chow and check-out we hit the dog beach again. We had plans to attend a dog friendly BBQ in Newport Beach on Saturday afternoon and didn’t want to show up with the dogs looking like derelicts not to mention leaving sand all over the home of our hosts. So we set out to find a doggie wash.

Using my trusty iPhone, I found Bark Bath. It was the cutest dog wash I have ever been too. It also had plenty of parking right in front which was nice since I had 4 dogs and had to leave some in the Prius (with the air on of course).

Bark Bath was immaculate and Dawn the owner welcomed me as if she were welcoming me into her home. They had a couple different shampoos and conditioner. There were nice, white fluffy towels at each station. A doggie dryer, eye wipes and a pleasant post dry spritzer were all included in the price of $18. If you pay cash the price drops to $15.

One of the best things about Bark Bath is that they support animal rescue. They are offering discounts to any rescue groups who have pulled dogs from the shelter or to anyone who has adopted from the shelter. It’s been more than once when I’ve been on a dog rescue mission with a dog so stinky that I’ve almost been tempted to pull over and bathe them in a gas station bathroom. One time when I was out in the high desert, I came close to renting a room at the Motel 6 just so I could bathe a dog I had just pulled. Fortunately, that time a $20 bribe at a local groomer got me an express bath.