Doggie Birthday

Lucas will be 13, yes 13 on October 16th.  Hard to believe, it really has gone by in the blink of an eye. I can still remember the day I brought him home when he was only 9 weeks old. I wasn’t quite ready for a new dog and I had trouble bonding with him. I was so afraid to love him because the death of my other dog Henry had been so unexpected and such a shock.

Lucas changed my life. He was a very curious and social little guy who needed to be out in the world. His first birthday came right after the collapse of the World Trade Center Buildings on 911. I think we all believed the world was coming to an end. It wasn’t just the bombings, there was also all this Anthrax being mailed and Donald Rumsfeld talking about Terror Alerts. It was such a scary time.

My friend Jaymeson was from Colorado and suggested we take a spontaneous road trip to her mother’s home near Glenwood Springs.  It sounded like the perfect remedy so we packed up her Forerunner and loaded up her black Labrador Miles and her newborn baby Cameron. Off we went on our 14 hour drive. I have to say it was amazing. The fun of driving through Las Vegas then the change of terrain in Utah.

Jayme had all the potty stops planned since she had done the drive so many times. The baby actually slept most of the way.

The drive was very therapeutic and there was such a peaceful calm when we arrived to the small town in Colorado.  Lucas and I stayed with friends of Jaymeson’s Mom in a beautiful lodge style guest house. There was a pond on the property and on the morning of his first birthday, Lucas made a run for it. He has always loved water and despite the fact that the pond was ice cold, it didn’t matter. There he was paddling around and shivering.  I let him have a few moments in there before I pulled him out.

Since then, we have celebrated his birthdays by having doggie friends over for steak or hamburger pattys. A couple of years ago we went to our friend Scott’s for a doggie brunch in Scott’s backyard. Lucas always wears his King costume and he always gets to go shopping at Petco.

A few weeks ago, my client Mitzi told me she had celebrated her dog’s adoption date by baking him a meat cake with mashed potato frosting and a carrot for a candle. They included her daughter’s dog, Mochi’s adoption as well. I love the idea of a cake that is one hundred percent edible with no dyes or sugars.

So that is the plan for this year. Here is a picture of Mitzi, Milt, Charlie and Mochi. Looks like fun was had by all!2013_MitziBday