Our recent trip

On Saturday, I took my whole crew plus a few guest dogs to the high desert on a dog rescue mission to Hesperia Animal Control. We went out there to save one dog. I haven’t been out there to pull a dog since April. It’s about 100 miles each way and we are gone all day. Honestly, I was a little grouchy about the drive and giving up a whole day.


Once I made it out to the shelter, and the shelter tech brought the precious little soul out to me, I was so grateful for the opportunity to save her. Despite her fancy haircut which a volunteer groomer was kind enough to give her, little Ruby was completely terrified. The most frightened of any dog I’ve ever rescued.


Elyse the tech was nice enough to bring her out to the car for me so she could meet everyone. She was comfortable with the other dogs so we loaded her up and off we went!


This was the maiden rescue voyage of our Prius Wagon which we bought in July. We love the car so much. We had 2 Labradors and GoldenDoodle, 2 terrier mixes, 1 cockapoo, 1 Cocker rescue and 2 humans riding comfortably in the wagon.

At point, I looked at the Trip Odometer and we had gone about 100 miles on one bar of gasoline. Hard to beat that. That would have taken half a tank in my Highlander.

Ruby the dog we rescued flew to Canada early this morning to the rescue. She arrived safely and is meeting potential adopters tomorrow.

In the meantime, Rachael Bohman, the shelter tech at Hesperia is looking for help with a little Yorkie Terrier Mix. I am trying to help her get a SoCal rescue interested in her.