Fall is finally here!

IMG_0492 IMG_0480The dogs are celebrating. I can see it in their excited little faces. Lucas, my soon to be 13-year old Jack Russell Terrier also has alot more energy which makes me so happy.

The overcast morning and crisp breeze means we can hike again. They’ve definitely enjoyed the beach this summer. We’ve also been sneaking into Ballona Creek for quick dips and Lucas in particular loves swimming at my Mom’s house in the valley. But they really do love their daily hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains.

I know, I know. Rattlesnakes are out all year long but truthfully running into one is much more likely April to September. Not long ago, I saw the most gigantic one up Westridge about a 1/4 mile from the sign. It was just massive. Black with deep red. The tail was looped over the ridge. Could have been a dragon down in the canyon for all I knew.

It made me sick to see. I find snakes so disgusting. Meanwhile, my father-in-law killed one over the summer and stuffed it. Bizarre I know. It’s a pool side decoration for him. I made him move it yesterday before I took the dogs into the pool. Creeped me out.

I don’t like snakes or anything snakeskin. At least I’m consistent.