Raw Goat’s Milk Goes to the Dogs

I grew up in a family that drank goat’s milk and also unfortunately, ate goat. I am milk toxic so I have always stayed away from milk but I can still remember both of my parents drinking fresh goat’s milk right of out the goat. In a cup of course. Don’t want to make it seem that bad. This is probably not something I would normally share, I mean honestly, not many people growing up in Los Angeles remember their family getting excited about fresh, unpasteurized goat’s milk.

These memories have been on my mind for the last week or so. Someone mentioned the raw goat’s milk has benefits for dogs with skin allergies. I read up on the unpasteurized, goat’s milk. Apparently, it has a natural antihistamine in addition to a natural probiotic. It is also good for joint health and is loaded with Vitamin A, an anti-cancer preventative. After reading this I recommended it to a client for a little terrier she adopted. He has terrible skin allergies and she is anxious to get him off the steroids since they only helped for a few days and in fact, may have made him worse. It seems the allergy has grown stronger in response to the chronic Prednisone he is on.

My 13-year old Jack Russell has developed occasional leg tremors and they seemed particularly bad this morning on our morning trip to the park. I stopped at Healthy Spot in Marina Del Rey this afternoon to pick up some  treats and saw the goat’s milk in the refrigerator at the counter. The sales person swore the goat’s milk had eliminated the sebaceous cysts her dog was developing. I have a 3-year old terrier mix who is plagued by sebaceous cysts and has been from a very young age. I’ve had them drained but they just fill back up.

It’s all anecdotal data I realize. And yes I know the sales people are trained on the products and how to sell them. But for $11 I figured, why not try it? I’ve been forewarned about the flatulence that comes with the benefits. Hopefully it’s not too bad.GoatsMilk

I’m going to start tomorrow morning. Each dog will get 4 oz. The recommended daily amount is  2 oz per 10lbs of body weight.

Stay tuned…