Shiba Inu With A Scarf

     One of the best things about what I do is that I get to meet new dogs all the time. Yesterday, we introduced Abbe, a rescued Shiba Inu mix into our group. She charmed us all by coming out on her first day, wearing a lovely scarf. No surprise really since Abbe’s Mom hails from Paris, France.

     I’ve never walked a dog wearing a scarf before. Fleece coats, yes. Decorative hair ornaments, yes. You’ve all seen my dog’s custom made Dracula costume. Even my own dog Ruby was wearing a dress on the day I picked her up from the Hesperia Shelter.

     My girlfriend at the park wondered if Abbe’s scarf could be Hermes?  I didn’t dare unwrap it knowing I would not be able to re-do what I had undone. God knows I would have to track down and consult my neighbor who is from Lyon ,France before taking Abbe home.

     Abbe was a little shy and reserved at first. It was very fitting that the dog who helped bring her out of her shell was a French Bulldog named Beau. Later on our hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, Abbe tackled the hills like her ancestors must have explored the dense mountain ranges of Japan.

     I’ve been to Paris twice. I’ve always said I want to go live there just so I can learn to dress in that chic, simple and elegant style of the Parisian women. Maybe I will finally learn something from Abbe.


Abbe trying to drive the Prius.

Bien venue Abbe.